The National Directorate of Security (NDS) was the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency, reporting directly to the president of Afghanistan. Although tasked with spying, it was part of the Afghan National Security Forces, along with the regular Afghan National Army (source: The NDS had several armed units that worked closely with Coalition advisors, particularly the American CIA, which were often criticized for lack of oversight and accountability in raids that targeted civilians (source:


Platatac is an Australian tactical gear manufacturer in Australia. They were contracted by the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) to make clothing in the Afghan NDS ERDL camouflage pattern for British Special Forces attached as advisors to the NDS, manufacturing items on an as-needed basis (source: After the fall of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the UK MoD allowed Platatac to sell the remaining inventory of NDS items to the public, which occurred on April 28, 2022 (sources:,

Another collector’s description of Platatac’s NDS camouflage items can be seen here:

Platatac CUTS Shirt:

CUTS stands for “Cool Under Tactical Shirt”. It is clearly based on the Crye Precision combat shirt with a flexible moisture wicking torso meant to be worn under body armor (plate carrier) and “BDU weight” camouflage cloth for the arms, with arm pockets and elbow pad slots.


Yellow tag indicates that this is an older Mk 2 CUTS shirt. This is the version that appears most often in usage photos.

Arm Pockets:

Shoulder pockets have zipper openings on the side, unlike Crye combat shirts.

Shoulder Pad Inside:

Shoulder padding is foam.



YKK branded zipper.



Platatac TacDax Combat Pants:

The Tac Dax pants are Mk 4, produced much more recently than the Mk 2 items, likely between 2016 – 2018 (source: These pants are also similar to Crye Precision products, in this case the G3 combat pants.

Tags and Markings:


YKK branded zipper.


Back Pockets:


Elastic material at crotch to increase range of motion.

Front Pockets:

Front thigh pockets hide a cable used to adjust the kneepad height.

Kneepad Height Adjustment System:


Has velcro-attached hole covers like Crye G3 pants.

Also has velcro width adjustment tabs:

Thigh Pockets:


Ankle Pockets:


Label matches example shown here that was acquired before Platatac’s official sale:

Platatac H-Smock:

Chest Pockets:

Pockets fold over at the top like Canadian combat jacket and British tropical shirts.

Bottom Pockets:

Arm Pockets:


Slotted “Canadian buttons”.



Waist Adjustment:

Elastic bungee chord material.


Has internal “sock”, like Mabuta 2 trousers, to retain heat.


Hood can be rolled up and secured with a strap.


Vent holes at armpit.


YKK branded zipper.


Platatac Hat:


Velcro square on top.



Hat camouflage material feels the same as on other items. If the tag is correct, then NDS camouflage was printed on 100% cotton ripstop.

Size Adjustment:

Velcro Patch Back Sides:

Usage Photos:

British Special Boat Service (SBS):

The British SBS is the most famous user of the Platatac NDS uniform.

Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS):

Most NDS personnel wear BDU cut versions of this uniform sourced from China, but two Platatac sets of combat shirt and pants were seen in propaganda footage from April 4, 2020 relating to the capture of Abdullah Orazkai/Aslam Farooqi, the leader of ISIS-K, by the NDS. ISIS-K is the Islamic State in Khorasan, the historical name for an area covering parts of modern Afghanistan and Pakistan (source: