The AOR1 G3 combat shirt and Multicam G3 combat pants on this page were found together with a T3 HANS beaver tail backpack and an LBT-9039A Modular Assault Pack.

Combat Shirt:

The main difference between the Gen 2 (G2) and Gen 3 (G3) combat shirts are the 2 small strips of velcro used on the shoulder pockets of the G3’s as opposed to the large fields on the G2. The G3 also has a small “pen pocket” on the left arm pocket (as worn).


This shirt is completely unused and still had its hang tag brochure.


Label has been silkscreened onto the torso fabric.

Arm Pockets:


Elbow Pad Pocket:


Brochure Hang Tag:

2013 date comes from this brochure hang tag.

Ranger Green:

Other than the solid Ranger Green color and size, this shirt is identical to the AOR1 shirt above.

Combat Pants:

The G3 combat pants have stretch material at the crotch and kneepad hole covers, whereas the G2 combat pants do not have these features. G3 combat pants also use zippers to secure the back pockets whereas these are flaps on the G2 version. The Platatac TacDax pants copy many Crye G3 features.


Multicam stretch material is used on the Multicam colorway G3 pants to match the main ripstop material. These multicam G3 trousers were found with the AOR1 G3 combat shirt above.


Label is silkscreened onto the inside of the left pocket (as worn).

Back Pockets:

Has elastic stretch material in same area as on G2. Back pockets use zippers instead of flaps.

Waist Adjustment System:

Waist adjustment tabs are made from hypalon attached to velcro hook.

Crotch Stretch Material:

Crotch stretch material for improved range of motion and helps prevent blowouts.



YKK zippers.

Thigh Pockets:

Knee pad height adjustment cable is accessed through the thigh pockets.

Knee Pads:

Knee pads have velcro-secured hole covers like Platatac Tac Dax pants.

Knee pad Height Adjustment System:

Elastic cable is stitched to the knee pad compartment using multicam webbing. The hole on the right of the picture is goes to the thigh pocket.

Cargo Pockets:

The right thigh pocket (as worn) in this example had a missing seam which allowed the inside to be easily photographed. This damage could be easily repaired.

Ankle Pockets:


AOR1 Drifire:

Drifire collaborated with Crye to provide flame resistant Foretrex fabric for combat uniforms that were available starting around September 2013 (source: Other than the different base material, these “CryeFires” are identical to the normal G3 combat uniforms.

Knee Pads:


Kneepad stretch material is same as G2 version.