The T3 HANS backpack was originally made for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD, source: It can be worn as a backpack or mounted to another larger backpack, or even plate carrier. The HANS pack was first available in 2014 (source: The one on this page was mounted to a metal ALICE pack frame, different from the T3 version only offered to military customers before ~2021 (source:

The backpack on this page was found together with a Crye G3 Combat uniform set and an LBT-9039A Modular Assault Pack.

Back and Shoulder Straps:


Side pouches are sized to fit C4 demolitions charges (source:



Waist Buckle:

Main Compartment:

Inner Zipper Pocket:

Mesh Pocket:

This pack uses a “beavertail” design so this mesh-lined pocket is open from the top. It is sized to fit a helmet.

Outer Top Zipper Pocket:

Sternum Strap:

Beaver Tail Buckle:

2014 dated buckle.