This was one of the test samples for what would become the British military’s Combat Soldier 95 (CS95) clothing system. These uniforms were trialed at the Infantry Trials & Development Unit (ITDU) in Warminster, UK (source: and on a training mission to Norway in 1993 or 1994 (source:

The final accepted CS1995 Tropical DPM shirts used the same cut but slotted “Canadian” buttons (source:


Most test items have a red SCRDE (Stores Clothing Research and Development Establishment) tag (source:, but this shirt never had it attached. It is otherwise identical to other known tagged examples.


Pocket body extends slightly above the flap so it can be folded over when the flap is buttoned down.


Rank Tab:


Repairs and Modifications:

Unlike many SCRDE prototypes on the market, this example appears to have been used.

A hole on the right arm was hand-patched using the left pocket’s pen holder.

There is a hole on the back where the waist would be, perhaps caused by a hot casing leaving burn marks and partially melting the fabric. The partial melting is expected since the CS1995’s tropical shirt material is described as “Corespun poly-cotton” (source:,

There is a small piece of velcro loop sewn onto the right shoulder (as worn), perhaps for glint tape or other insignia.