Sample 1: Jacket


Has flat felled seams whereas SWAPOL version does not.

Sample 2: Shirt


Very thin cotton.  Almost like a civilian dress shirt.  Name tag says “Smith”.


Sample 3: Slangvel

Likely a Camo Joe commercial item from the early 1980’s advertised in SERVAMUS magazine, the official magazine of the South African Police.  Lysta zipper also appears on some Rhodesian gear.  Reinforcement materials are same poplin as main jacket body but from different fabric production run.  Could be a prototype item (


Sample 4:  

Reproduction of Special Task Force (STF) Slangvel.  Made by same manufacturer as the Bophuthatswana pattern one.  It is slightly longer than the Bophuthatswana one and has no reinforcement on tail.

Real Slangvel: