Coyote Brown:

Plate Carrier Vest:

Top Admin Pouch:

Shoulder Buckle:

Buckle has no markings.

Shoulder Pads:

Durastretch material like JPC.

Metal D-Rings:

Rear plate bag is attached to shoulder straps using these custom branded D-rings.

Front Plate Bag Tag:

Front Plate Bag Kangaroo Pouch:

Empty pouch lined with material intended to catch velcro hook. This appears to be used to secure velcro hook backed placards to the front of the plate carrier.

Front Plate Bag Bottom:

Rear Plate Bag and Tag:

There is a drag handle on the back of the plate carrier that is secured with velcro.

Read Plate Bag Inside and Bottom:

Rear plate bag has a similar structure as front on the inside and bottom, except without the snap for the magazine placard (shingle).


Used for distributing weight of plates from shoulder over wider area.

Harness Tag:

Attachment to Plate Bags:

The “arms” on the front are looped through the front plate bag’s inner loops and secured with velcro tabs.

Magazine Pouches:

Attachment to Front Plate Bag:

The magazine shingle is mainly held in place by the velcro hook all over the back face, with extra attachment points provided by the bottom snap and velcro tabs that can go inside the plate bag’s kangaroo pouch.

MOLLE Shingle:

Alternative placard for AVS that can be used to attach other MOLLE-compatible pouches.

JPC Style Cummerbund:

3-webbing JPC style cummerbund shows some evidence of use (scuffing and rust on metal buckles).

Airlite Cummerbund:

Like the LV MBAV, the AVS also comes with an alternate 2-strap airlite cummerbund.

Single Cummerbund:

A single strap cummerbund is also included, like the LV MBAV.

Padded Belt:

Padded “gunfighter” belt has a rigid webbing core surrounded by foam padding with MOLLE on the outside for attaching pouches.

Padded Belt Buckle:

2013 date. This is the only marked buckle on the whole system.

Rear Flap:

There is a hidden flap at the center rear of the belt. The belt’s label is on the nylon inside the compartment:

STKSS System:

The two in the middle are shorter than the two on the outside. These are the two lengths the AVS system comes with.

The STKSS is intended to transfer the weight of the whole AVS plate carrier system to the padded belt, which will then place it onto the hips. Only 2 rods are used at a time; the AVS system comes with 2 different lengths (long and short) for a total of 4 rods.

The metal rods attach to the plate carrier vest on the sides and slide into the belt using a specially made pocket.

Quick Release Cable:

The AVS could be set up for a quick release via pull cable like the Paraclete RAV.

JPC Style MBITR Pouches:

JPC style MBITR pouches are meant to be flank the front plate bag and are secured to the front velcro loop patch.

AVS MBITR Pouches:

MOLLE Extension:

Side Plate Bags:

Meant to fit 6 x 6 inch side plates.

Usage Photos:

USMC Raiders:

These vests were commonly used by the Marine Raiders in the mid-late 2010’s.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II (2022):

The AVS is used on some skins, such as the default Rangers skins, default Gromsko skin, and Messi’s operator skin. The color appears to be more yellow (closer to Eagle’s MJK Khaki Tan, which the AVS was never available in) than the Coyote Brown seen in reality.