Paraclete RMV’s are associated with CAG in ~2006. However, a variety of other Special Operations units were pictured with them in that era since it was available on the market.

Later Version:

This example was probably made closer to 2007, perhaps afterwards, due to the color of the velcro used on main body. Back panel shown uses older colors.

Back Panel:

Some options for the back panel includes full MOLLE (what this example originally came with) or an “Assaulter” back panel made up of many sewn-in pouches.

The panel zips off to reveal cummerbund size adjustment.


Other Features:

Access to armor compartment is through velcro flap on inside.  Came with “Blackhawk” marked soft armor, likely for UKSF.

With Pouches:

Earlier Version:

Brighter green color velcro and trim.

Back Panel:


Armor Access:

Has zipper on bottom to access armor compartment.