Combat Shirt:

dg3_combatcomshirtfront comshirtback comshirttagpockets

Field Shirt:

1_dg3_nohdrexshirtfrontexshirttag exshirtback

Pattern is similar to later NWU Type 3 (AOR2) but horizontal and more subdued.


Comparison with later (?) DGIIIA pattern (See bottom of page for more detail pictures):

Shapes are the similar, but colors that appear in shape slightly different. “Delta Force” one intentionally rotated 90 degrees to demonstrate this.

The horizontal one does not have a “DGIII” watermark.

Likely AOR2 prototype pattern as used by Delta Force in 2006:

The most “famous” picture of this pattern (from


Images from @1MinuteOut on Instagram:

Also seen in Chevy Ad (

Person closest to door.


pantsfrontpantsback  pantstag

AOR1 pattern.

Later (?) DGIII Army Custom Field Shirt:

Vertical orientation like NWU type 3.  Has DGIII watermark in pattern.  See above for pattern comparison with CAG prototype.