The experimental DGIII pattern was the predecessor to the AOR2 pattern currently (2020) standard issue to the US Navy as seen on the NWU Type 3.

Combat Shirt:

Torso fabric is thicker than Multicam G2 AC shirt.


“Item: Custom” and “Material: Custom” on tags.

Arm Pockets:

Rubbery (silicone?) tag on arm pocket is characteristic of older Crye items before they switched to the ribbon some time after 2006 (as seen on LV MBAV).

Field shirt (top in photo, more info below on page) also has this same tag.


Black material inside elbow cap holder for male velcro hook on elbow cap to attach and stay in place.


Field Shirt:


“Experimental Prototype” on tag.

Chest Pockets:

Arm Pockets:

Same structure and gummy tag as combat shirt.



Pocket for elbow pads is different from combat shirt.

Field Pants (AOR1)

These were found together with the prototype shirts shown above. The pattern is known as “DGII”, and later “AOR1”. This pattern would also become more commonly used by the Navy by both Special Forces as well as regular personnel in desert areas.

Tag says “Army Custom”.

Later DGIII Field Shirt:

In later versions of DGIII, the pattern is now vertically oriented so it is more similar to the standard issue NWU III.

Despite its resemblance to the Navy’s uniform, it still says “Army Custom” on the tag.

There are small “DGIII” watermarks throughout the pattern.


DGIII Pattern Comparisons:

The prototype pattern is similar to later NWU Type 3 (AOR2) but horizontal and more subdued, especially the black portion which appears almost translucent.

Pattern is similar to later NWU Type 3 (AOR2) but horizontal and more subdued.

The later DGIII pattern’s black is darker than the prototype.

Shapes are almost the same, but colors that appear in shape slightly different. The “Delta Force” (prototype) one was intentionally rotated 90 degrees to demonstrate this.

The black on the later DGIII also appears to be “shinier” than the NWU III’s black.

Usage Photos:


Used by Delta Force (CAG) in 2006. The photos below are mostly from Iraq (except for the Chevrolet ad, obviously).

Images from @1MinuteOut on Instagram:

Also seen in 2017 Chevy Commercial (source:

Later DG III Shirt:

U.S. forces are seen at the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) headquarters after it was hit by Turkish airstrikes in Mount Karachok near Malikiya, Syria April 25, 2017. REUTERS/ Rodi Said

Supposedly Delta Force on Mt Karachok in Sinjar Province, Northern Syria in 2017 (source for claim and image:

Article about event with smaller version of image in slideshow at bottom of page: