These two small items were likely used by a US Navy SEAL. They are both made from DIG2 camouflage material which later became AOR1 that is still currently (as of 2021) used by the SEALs.

40mm Grenade Pouch:

The 40mm grenade pouch was manufactured by Eagle Industries in 2008. The elastic at the bottom has been damaged from field use.


The tag has the prototype “DIG2” designation for the camouflage pattern on it. “DIG2” eventually became AOR1, the Navy’s desert digital camouflage pattern, with minimal changes. It is similar to Desert MARPAT but without the Eagle/Globe/Anchor watermark. The version of the AOR1 pattern used on the NWU Type II has the Navy’s Anchor/Constitution/Eagle (ACE) watermark on it.

LBT-2677B Battle Book:

The book is made from the same DIG2 1000D cordura material and has the same soiling as the pouch. There are no tags anywhere on the item.


The inside contains empty transparent sleeves to hold documents.