No pockets on chest because a vest was intended to be worn over the jacket.

Tag and Collar:


Barely legible date stamp indicates it was made for the East German Army (NVA; Nationale Volksarmee) in the first quarter of 1988 (1/Y) (source: https://www.onvauc.org/east-german-uniform-date-chart). “1958” is not the year.

Collar has elastic like an MA-1 flight jacket. “k 48” is the size, with the “k” meaning “kurz” ( German word for short). This size is equivalent to a US Medium Short (source: https://www.varusteleka.com/en/page/east-german-size-chart/22445).


Internal pockets are only on the arms. The rank slip is for a Gefreiter (equivalent to a Private First Class, source: http://www.nva-flieger.de/index.php/mil/dv/10-0-005/dienstgrad.html).

Rank Slip Loop:

Rank slip goes on a buttoned fabric loop.


Also has elastic for insulation like the P59 Denison Smock.


Padded elbows.


Inside of jacket as an integrated holster like the TTSkO paratrooper jacket. The fabric loops for foliage on the back are sewn onto fabric reinforcement on the inside.


The buttons have been positioned so that the gas flap needs to be buttoned in to fully close the jacket.


Elastic cinch, again for insulation?


Grey beret was for field use. “P” marking means this was made in 1986.