This camouflage pattern, apparently based on the British Pattern 59 Denison Smock from pre-independence, was Zambia’s first camouflage pattern. It remained in use until the 1990’s (source:


This particular jacket was likely used in Rhodesia (captured, traded, or acquired through an assembly point?) since it has Rhodesian Army insignia applied to it. There are also signs of tailoring like darts in the back.

Rhodesian Army insignia. Rank is for a Sergeant. Patch matches the one on the 1st Pattern Rhodesian jacket, Sample 2.




Material is a soft twill that likely would not have survived heavy field use. Stitching is questionable in some areas as well.

Usage Photos:


Zambian soldier (from

Zambia used this camouflage pattern until the 1990’s (source:


Zambian camouflage items were also used by guerillas in the Rhodesian Bush War and South African Border War since Zambia was Rhodesia’s neighbor and sympathetic to the liberation movements.

A tailored example captured by the SADF in 1983 during Operation Askari can be seen here:

Some examples were also used in Mozambique: