These jackets are a more “lightweight” version of the standard TTA47.  Most notably they were not produced with lower pockets, and they tend to be shorter in length. These seem to be closer to a shirt than an actual jacket, perhaps intended for hot weather.

Sample 1:

Has lizard camouflage print on a similar poplin fabric to TAP 47/54.  Named and dated to 1954.  Shoulder reinforcements are a post-1952 feature.  Buttons do not appear to be original to uniform.



1954 date.

Sample 2:

Khaki color on HBT fabric with shoulder reinforcements, both post-1952 features.

This example is also dated to 1954.  Altered and somewhat crudely repaired:

Sleeve Insignia:

Shoulder sleeve diamond was pinned on with very old safety pin (rust from pin transferred to cloth).


Like the example above, it does not have straps to tighten the cuffs like the standard TTA 47 jackets.


1954 date.