ZIPRA and other Eastern Bloc-aligned insurgents in the Rhodesian Bush War and South African Border War often wore a shirt and pants uniform in the strichtarn camouflage pattern. The cuts were clearly based on British-style garments in use in the region by the insurgents’ adversaries. These garments appear to be field-tailored using original East German fabric. The fabric is exactly the same smooth twill as what was used on the original East German strichtarn uniforms.


The shirt shown here was recovered from the Guineafowl School assembly point in Gwelo (now Gweru, information provided by seller) in Rhodesia set up at the end of 1979 just before the election leading to majority rule and the country becoming Zimbabwe (source:

Two pocket field shirt. Buttons are mixed between clear/white 2-hole types and more typical 4-hole grey ones. This style of shirt was copied in coarser fabric, more consistently with the 4-hole buttons, for use by the South African Recces.

Unlike the recce copy, the grey buttons are not iridescent and the fabric is a soft twill, not a coarse poplin.


Pocket pleats are not functioning and do not bellow out.



Usage Photos:

SWAPO PLAN (Namibia):


FRELIMO (Mozambique):

Mozambique 1977, Forças Populares de Libertação de Moçambique (FPLM, from

Strichtarn items were prolifically used by FRELIMO in Mozambique. Today, they still use a modern reprint:

ZIPRA/ZANLA (Rhodesia/Zimbabwe):

Assembly point photos can be seen here: