This chest rig was an early piece of commercial nylon tactical gear produced by the Anite Co. in Pinole, California in the 1980’s – 1990’s period. Previous to this, Anite also sold a variety of survivalist gear and published a book about Medal of Honor recipients in the Vietnam War, advertised in Soldier of Fortune Magazine and similar periodicals:

From Page 24 in February 1980 issue of Soldier of Fortune Magazine.

Anite (links to owner’s company website) is still active today, albeit in crime scene forensic ballistics analysis (source:

Sample 1:

Design is based on the Rhodesian chest rigs. Pouches intended to hold M14 type magazines. Tag is missing on this example (a similar example with tags can be seen here:; the information pamphlet has the same picture as the ad above).

The stitching in some areas is misaligned.

The Fastex QR-1 back buckle type (source: indicates this example was produced in the 1980’s.

Ladderloc Buckles:

At the time this example came out, the ladderloc buckles were a new invention.

Strap Details:

The strap material feels very soft. The main body of the chest rig is made of something like the 400D pack cloth material used in ALICE packs and Niemoller vests likely to save weight.

Back Pocket:

Mid-1980s era Publix matchbook found in back pocket.

Universal Match company stopped US production in 1987 (source: and was liquidated in 1991 (source:

Usage Photos:

Used by US Navy SEALs during the 1980s – 1990s.

French 2e REP in Operation Daguet (First Gulf War, 1991):

4th person in back from right is wearing Anite chest rig. Salman, Iraq in late February 1991 (Full sized version of cropped photo from

Also used by Charlie Sheen in Navy Seals movie (1990):