Sample 1:
parafoxback fixlock insidemagpouch insidemagpouch2 lowerdrains name pistolpouch

Similar nylon weight and ALICE fixlock clips as Niemoller webbing.  No map pocket.  Cloth strips inside magazine pouches not long enough to reach bottom, maybe only there to keep magazines inside.


Usage photos:

Mainly used by SADF Parabats (parachute brigades).


Usage by 44 Para Brigade: (source:

Reenactors from Be careful with social media sources; this image with a filter has been circulating around Instagram with dubious text!

Integrated holster used on later Parabat webbing like this unknown example with similar dark color but softer, lighter weight Cordura:

Sample 2:

1_front 2_back 3_backflap nutriacolorcomparison