Sample 1:

koevoetjacket_bright koevoetjacket_seams

No markings.  Picture on right is comparison of seams on Koevoet camo jacket and 2nd pattern South African Police jacket.

Sample 2: “AIR”

koevoetairshirttag pantstag pantspocket

Size small shirt, 00 (x-small?) pants.


Sample 3:

1_front 2_back 3_sizetag cuffs

Very similar to civilian dress shirt.  Thin fabric like normal 2nd South African Police shirt.

Sample 4:

1_front 2_back cigbutt pocket tag

Trousers.  Same fabric weight as jacket (Sample 1 and 6).  Same cut as AIR trousers (Sample 2).


Sample 5:

1_shirt 2_pants pants_rear pants_tag pants_velcro_pocket shirt_1 shirt_fabric shirt_penpocket shirt_pockets shirt_seams shirt_tags

Also AIR marked, but much shirt has fainter and softer fabric than Sample 2.  Shirt cuff buttons appear to have never been in holes.

Sample 6:

1_front 2_back pocketstaginsideseams  toplinerbuttonbuttonslinerholes

Earlier production than Sample 1.  Pattern print seems to have more “detail”, maybe due to less wear on printing screens?  Has button-in synthetic pile liner and iridescent salmon buttons.

AIR Fabric Comparison:

colorcomparisons pantscomparison shirtcomparison smallsetcomparison

From Samples 2 and 5 above.

Earlier vs Later Jacket Comparison:

back_comparison cuffs insidebuttons insideseams toplinerbutton

From Samples 1 and 6 above.

Color Balanced Swatches:


From Sample 1 (above).

Koevoet Pants AIR

From Sample 2 Pants (above).