The Australian Jungle Green uniform shown on this page was adopted in 1958, largely based on jungle uniforms used by Commonwealth forces in World War 2. It is sometimes called the “1st Pattern Australian Jungle Uniform” and is much heavier weight than the “pixie uniforms” that replaced it (source: It appears to be an Australian-made version of the British Pattern 1950 jungle uniform (source:



1966 Date.

Thigh Pocket:

Back Pocket:

Waist Adjustment:

Belt passes through waist:

The waist adjustment allows for the waist to be tightened as the wearer lost weight from prolonged fighting in the jungle (source:




Usage Photos:

Indonesian Confrontation:

This jungle uniform is most commonly seen in Indonesian Confrontation photos.

Vietnam War:

Although more modern uniforms were available by the late 1960’s, items in this older cut continued to be used throughout Australia’s and New Zealand’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

Australian Forces:

New Zealand Forces: