More historical information about this vest and other US body armor systems can be found here:


Shown with all accessories attached. Item is no longer in collection.


Has MOLLE webbing on outside for attaching pouches. BALCS-cut Level 3a soft armor (protects against threats up to 9mm pistol) inside of “bags” with additional room for hard SAPI plates (protects against rifle rounds).


Opens like a 20th Century Flak Jacket.


1 inch internal webbing loops used to attach accessories.



Collar throat protector is a two piece design.

Front Throat Protector:

Back Throat Protector:

Groin Protector:

Soft Armor Insert:

All parts of the vest have this type of Level 3a soft armor insert inside, cut to fit the appropriate cavity.


Usage Photos:

Despite being a sub-optimal color for the desert terrain commonly found in Iraq and Afghanistan, Woodland OTV’s (Outer Tactical Vest, see vest label picture) were commonly issued to US forces early in the War on Terror.


Iraq (2003 Invasion):