Large bag intended to hold supplies for Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD). Item is no longer in collection.

Waist Belt:

Belt attaches to bag body via velcro.

Waist Belt Buckle:

2002 date.

Strap Pouch:

Cannot be removed from shoulder straps.


MIL-W-4088 type webbing for top drag handle.

Front Pockets:

Zipper pockets in front like some luggage items.


Has compression straps on both sides.

Side Handle:

Made from MIL-W-4088 type webbing. Can be attached to the bag body with velcro.



Internal pouches are attached to velcro loop lining inside of bag’s main compartment. These smaller internal pouches can be detached and reconfigured.

Internal Pouches:

Zipper opening and made from 1000D Cordura and leno mesh material (like body of Niemoller hot extraction vest). The grey residue is likely from label stickers.