This type of jacket was worn by Austrian NCO’s and officers from a relatively thin, windproof gabardine fabric. It was likely made and used between the 1960’s – 1980’s. Another term for this type of jacket is “Alpinanorak”, which sellers often translate as “Alpine Jacket” (source:


After WW2, Austria codified its neutrality in its constitution (source:, so the Austrian Bundesheer’s main foreign deployments have been as part of UN peacekeeping missions. Austria has been contributing peacekeepers since 1960, when they were first deployed to the Congo (source:


The jacket has been heavily used so it has many repairs.



The hood is stored inside a zippered pocket in the collar like a US M-65 jacket.

Zipper and Button:

All metal zippers are unmarked.


Internal Document Pocket:

Usage Photo:

1965: Arnold Schwarzenegger and his tank crew during his conscripted service in the Austrian Bundesheer. The second person from the left appears to be wearing a Gebirgsjägerjacke (from