Like WW2 US Garand clip pouches, but no method to slip them over a belt or attach suspenders. It is possible that these bandoliers were manufactured by CISO due to similarity in materials with other known CISO products (source: and their usage with Thailand, a US ally during the Vietnam War.


Has WW2 style “Lift the Dot” fasteners. The pouches appear to be sized for 20 round M16 magazines (see usage photos below).


Tips appear to be sealed with adhesive to prevent fraying.


US ladder style buckle.

Usage Photos:

These bandoliers were used by Thai forces and their advisors during the “Secret War” in Laos during the US Vietnam War.

Thailand (Unity Program):

For more information about the Unity Program and Thai Forward Air Guides:

Raven Forward Air Controller (Laos, US Advisor):

USAF Captain Robert Kain, a Raven Forward Air Controller (FAC) who was in Laos for about a year total between September 1970 – April 1972 (from