The Afghan Partner Unit was a secretive Special Forces formation of the Afghan National Army that fought alongside US Special Forces as the Afghan version of JSOC (US Joint Special Operations Command). In 2013, it officially started using the “1st Ktah Kas” Battalion designation , abbreviated “KKA” (source:, though members have been photographed with insignia using “APU” terminology long after this change (source:, image from 2016) through July 2021 (source:

May 29, 2016: A Ktah Khas Afghan Female Tactical Platoon member participates in a fast roping training drill outside Kabul, Afghanistan. The females work closely alongside the males on operations to engage and interact with women and children. The FTPs are trained in marksmanship, language, fast roping and other combat-related skills. Note “Afghan Partnering Unit” on patch (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Douglas Ellis/Released, from

“Ktah Kas” is Dari Persian for “To Touch Success” (source:

In 2012, the Afghan Partner Unit adopted the Hyperstealth Ghostex Kilo-1 camouflage pattern for their uniforms. The cloth was printed in the United States and sent to Afghanistan for final assembly into uniforms (source:


The helmet is a cut-down 2011 dated PASGT with the area around the ears removed to accommodate headphones, known as a “high cut” design. The Ghostex Kilo-1 camouflage material came from old APU uniforms and was glued onto the exterior of the helmet along with the velcro.


2011 contract date and “PASGT” on the label.

Helmet Edges:

Excess material from PASGT design was cut away for a “high cut” to accommodate a headset. The edges were sealed by rubber though some composite can be seen through the cracks.

Liner System:

Helmet suspension/liner appears to be hand-made from other helmets’ parts. The chinstrap appears to be from a US ACH helmet with a 2008 dated foliage green buckle. The helmet band was salvaged from some Level 3A body armor part manufactured by Anjani Technoblast Ltd. in India.


Dari Persian text is written on a sticker and directly on the material.

Usage Photos:

Similar helmets with Ghostex Kilo-1 fabric pasted to the outside were used until the fall of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in August 2021.

Photos above appear to come from the event shown in this video:

This appears to be a Ktah Khas graduation event as seen by the various KKA-marked items and APU patches. There are some members wearing Ghostex Kilo-1 uniforms as well.