UNITA was an insurgent group that fought against the Portuguese during Angola’s independence struggle on the same side as their future opponents, the MPLA. After the Portuguese withdrew in 1975, they aligned themselves with the west and fought against the Soviet and Cuban-backed MPLA. UNITA’s leader was Jonas Savimbi. UNITA received support from Apartheid South Africa and the United States in the 1980’s [1], with Savimbi even meeting with President Reagan in the White House in 1986 [2] and 1988 [3].

January 30, 1986: President Ronald Reagan Meeting with Dr. Jonas Savimbi Regarding Angola in The Oval Office [4].

UNITA also received aid from China from 1966 to October 1975 [5][6]. UNITA fought throughout the Angolan War until February 2002 when Savimbi was killed in an ambush, after which UNITA demobilized its military wing and became a political party [7].

Sample 1:

Olive green HBT material.


Hand-written number on left pocket flap inside, as worn.




Usage Photos:

Most pictures of UNITA guerillas show them wearing solid green uniforms.