Jacket 1:

“Naval Clothing Depot” on tag inside internal pocket indicates post-WW2 manufacture.

Enlisted uniform after WW2 had gilt buttons whereas they were black plastic during the war. During the war only officers had gilt buttons (source: http://www.blitzkriegbaby.de/waves/waves3.htm).

Rounded part of collar is attached to lapel by stitching.


Name on tag.

Jacket 2:

Hat Pins:

Likely from different individual than uniform. Marked “Sterling Krew” on one, and “Sterling” on the other. Approved for wear after March 1944 on Garrison Cap (source: http://www.blitzkriegbaby.de/waves/waves3.htm).

Needle is held in place by rotating clasp, not heavily spring-loaded like a modern safety pin:

For further information on WAVES, WAC, and other US women’s services: http://www.blitzkriegbaby.de/