The Crye field uniform is their version of the BDU.  Unlike their combat uniforms, it does not use stretch materials in the design.

Army Custom:

DGIII Field Shirt/Jacket:

Pockets slant inwards like a Vietnam era jungle jacket or British combat smock. More information on the CAG prototypes page.

Multicam Field Shirt:

Has remnants of sewn-on insignia.

AOR1 Field Pants:

More information on the CAG prototypes page.

Navy Custom:

SEAL Team 10 Set:

Field Shirt/Jacket:

Pockets are slanted outwards like Sample 8 on the Modified BDUs page, maybe to allow easier access under body armor?

Similar to Army Custom field shirt, except buttons used as a primary closure instead of velcro.  See the comparison section below for more pictures.

Field Pants:

The AOR1 field shirt and pants set was issued to a SEAL Team 10 member.  These patches were found in a cargo pocket of the pants:

The waist pockets contained this paper with the SEAL’s contact info (identifying info has been censored).

Field Shirt #2:

Chest Pockets:

Arm Pockets:

Same “short velcro” as the ST10 example above.


Large regular size.



Elbows can open on wrist side to accept foam padding.


Modified Navy Custom Field Shorts:

These Navy Custom Field Pants were heavily used before being turned into shorts by a tailor as seen by the significant fading and staining.

Thigh Pockets:

Inside Pockets:

AOR1 material inside pockets are relatively unfaded.



Bottom of Legs:

Navy Custom Usage Photos:

Comparison between Army and Navy versions:

Field Shirt/Jacket:

Arm Pockets:

Navy Custom appears to use a shorter velcro square, and is closed primarily with buttons as opposed to velcro on the Army Custom version.  The Navy Custom one also lacks the secondary pocket inside that the Army Custom has.  The Navy Custom’s button holes are on a secondary BDU-like internal flap that the Army Custom one does not have.

Chest Pockets:

Like the arm pockets, the Navy Custom’s is closed primarily with buttons and has its holes on an internal flap whereas the Army Custom one is closed primarily with velcro and does not have the flap.  The outside pocket underneath the bellows one is only found in the Army Custom version, but this might be because the Army Custom’s chest pockets are slanted inwards like a Jungle Jacket/British Smock.


Army Custom has velcro opening on top (closer to body) while Navy Custom has opening on bottom (closer to wrist cuff).

Front Opening:

Navy Custom has 1 more lower button, located below where the last one on the Army Custom would be.

Field Pants:

Thigh Pockets (above knees):

Army Custom has an external bellows pocket here like the Combat pants whereas the Navy Custom has an internal knife/flashlight pocket located further up (closer to waist).

Cargo Pocket:

Like the field top, the Army Custom closes with velcro while the Navy Custom has buttons and a BDU-like internal flap.

Belt Loops:

Navy Custom belt loops are larger than those of the Army Custom.  Back pocket is identical.


Identical except for flipped hook/loop locations on lower opening (may just be for these particular samples).

Ankle Pocket:

Identical, except hook/loop locations are flipped (may just be for these particular samples).


Identical button closure.