Sample 1:

This smock is an earlier example made during the Ultramar war in the 1960’s for Portuguese paratroopers in Angola, Mozambique, and other colonies. The design is similar to the TAP 47/53 and 54 French TAP smocks, mirroring the French influence on the Portuguese paratroopers.


Air Force symbol on all plastic epaulet and waist buttons.


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With BAR Belt Copy:

Color Balanced Swatch:

Usage Photo:

In the photo the Pcabo Parachuteist Carlos Nereu of the 2nd Company of Caçadores Paraquedistas. North Angola 1966. (Na foto o Pcabo Paraquedista Carlos Nereu da 2.ª Companhia de Caçadores Paraquedistas. Norte de Angola 1966. From