Pictures were taken in Southern California in Summer 2014.  The camera is the default camera on the iPhone 5S.

Camo Test rules:

  1. Back of subject was photographed since the largest continuous area of the camouflage pattern is usually the back of the top
  2. There are 2 sets of backgrounds in this test, a brown, “dry” scrub backdrop and a green tree backdrop.
  3. Subject stands upright in the same position for every set (exceptions are made in some additional photographs to show special observations).  This is not a “Where’s Waldo” test.
  4. Subject was photographed in front of vegetation in background. This is to test the pattern, not the vegetation.
  5. If pants or hat in a particular pattern were not available, the corresponding multicam item was substituted in.
  6. Photographs are not processed except to crop the image to reduce size.  They were saved with the “save for web” function in photoshop, again to save size on this web server.
  7. Camera is the default camera on the iPhone 5S.

Test Results:

Red Shirt (Control):

redtshirt redtshirt

West German BGS:


US 6-Color Desert “Chocolate Chip”: (not exact same BDU; this is actual US surplus version)

chocolatechip 6colordesert

Czech “Prototype” Desert:

czechdesert czechdesert

British Desert DPM:

desertdpm desertdpm

British Woodland DPM: (actually S95 jacket, but similar pattern)

dpm dpm

French Lizard Camo:

lizard lizard

Czech Mlok Camo:


US Multicam:

multicam multicam

NWUType3 nwutype3



nwutype3 NWUType3


Rhodesian Camo:

rhodesian rhodesian


US UCP Camo: