32 Battalion was a South African unit mainly composed of Portuguese-speaking black soldiers, with some black and white officers. They were mostly deployed in the border region on South West Africa (Namibia) and Angola where they acted as a buffer between the MPLA and “regular” South African troops. Throughout most of their service, 32 Battalion was equipped with a lizard camouflage pattern available in a wet dry season colorways.

Dry Season (Winter)

Sample 1:

Small size. No longer in collection.

Sample 2:

Medium size. Arrived with holes, repaired by tailor using new fabric swatch.

Sample 3:

Also medium size.  Was issued, has number written on inside of left pocket.

Color Balanced Swatches:

From Sample 1.
From new fabric swatch used to repair Sample 3.

Wet Season (Summer)

Sample 1:

Same cut and fabric material as dry season version.

Color Balanced Swatch:

Raw fabric, swatch is color balanced.  Material (cotton/poly? blend poplin) matches that of most South African produced uniforms.  Darkest brown color is same as darkest brown of winter version of pattern.

Pattern File: