The TTA 47 was the most widely issued French uniform in the Indochina and Algerian Wars. It was based on the US M1943 design, but significantly simplified (buttons instead of snaps, no liner) and was intended for troops from all branches. While paratroopers and other specialists had their own uniforms, many of them still opted to use the TTA 47. The design was altered in 1952, most notably changing the lower pockets to external bellows to increase cargo capacity.

Variations of the basic TTA 47 design include the Modele Allegee and a camouflage version, often seen in the later cut.


Sample 1:

Earlier version (pre-1952) since bottom pockets are internal. In 1952, the lower pockets were changed to external bellows pockets.

Sample 2: 1950 Dated Jacket



Color Comparison with Sample 1:

Fabric is coarser and duller colored than Sample 1.  Has pocket closures less separated from flaps and different buttons than in sample 1.  “Later” in last picture is referring to Sample 1.

Sample 3: German Produced Jacket #1


No date stamp, but similar fabric and buttons to 1950 dated jacket (Sample 2).



Cuffs and Buttons:

Sample 4: German Produced Jacket #2

Slightly lighter colored fabric than Sample 3.


Same manufacturer.



Sample 5: Trousers


Has importer marks on inside of waist.

Cargo Pocket:

Rear Pocket:

Sample 6: Trousers with US Army Tape

Nylon US Army tape is from late Vietnam War or immediate post Vietnam era.  Probably not used by actual advisor/soldier since better uniforms were more widely available by that time.  

Other Info:

A female version of the TTA 47 uniform exists (note side of jacket buttons are on).  It was made in the “Indochina” (pre-1952) internal lower pockets style until at least 1956. 

From SWAT Shop as listed on October 30, 2019: