Sample 1:

Medium regular size

Sample 2:

XL size.  Has different tag than sample 1.


Adventure Tech reversible goretexes were first (?) used in Desert Storm (Gulf War 1) by Special Forces.  Most of those had a solid khaki color, not 3 color desert camo like these.  However there is 1 photo, supposedly of a Delta Force operator, using one in Gulf War 1:

The 3 color desert ones were used more often in the early 2000’s at the beginning of the War on Terror, also by Special Forces:

Some were used as late as ~2006 with Task Force Black:

The URL on the tag indicates that these goretexes were made after 1998 based on the who-is data for

Adventure Tech no longer exists.  The name appears to be a brand of Propper now (2018).