South African Police 1st Pattern (1960’s)

Sample 1: 


Portuguese-style jacket as used by bushmen of 31 Battalion.  South Africa produced.


Sample 2:

jacket1_1_frontjacket1_2_back jacket1_tagjacket1_greenstain jacket1_internalstain jacket1_stain2

“Police” version?  Label intact.  Pile liner is like a vest.  Rhodesian production.

Sample 3: 

1a_front 1b_front 2_back

Same reddish brown as Sample 2.  Exactly the same cut as later 2nd Pattern jacket.

Color Balanced Swatches:

From sample 1:


From sample 2:



Brown on South African version (sample 1) is much less red than brown on the Rhodesian version (sample 2).