The nylon Niemoller webbing was first produced in 1981 (source:, with this particular harness being the first Niemoller product, by a private company operated by Johann Niemoller, a former Recce commando.  The Niemoller line of webbing was intended to be sterile for external operations, with no components that can be traced back to South Africa, and was likely intended to be destroyed after use.  Nearly all Niemoller webbing items were made from a 420D nylon packcloth material similar to the ones used in US ALICE packs.  Webbing made from similar material derived from the original designs are still used today by the modern SANDF Recces.

Sample 1:

1_front 2_back

fixlock    tagkey

Medium size.  Swedish “Fixlock” buckles.  Front straps cut to adjust size by a previous owner.  Found key in front right zip pocket.


Sample 2:

1_front 2_back back bottom_holes right_mods side_ammo top_pouch_hole zipper

Used by 4 Recce operator.  Has drain holes cut in the bottom.  Heavily modified by user and unit rigger?

Comparison of Sample 1 and 2:

backs knifesusp left_sect rightsect suspenders zippers

Sample 2 on Egyptian Recce Copy:

egypt_1_front egypt_back

Sample 2 on Portuguese Lizard Jacket:

port_1_front port_back

Sample 1 on SWAPOL/Koevoet Jacket:


Usage Photos:

SADF Recces:

5 Recce

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Executive Outcomes (1989 -1998):

Contractor on the far left, standing, is wearing a later version of this vest with ladder buckles, not fixlock like above samples.


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SANDF Recces:

32 Battalion Version is an “expansion” of this design.