Sample 1:

1_front 2_back

fixlock    tagkey

Medium size.  Swedish “Fixlock” buckles.  Front straps cut to adjust size by a previous owner.  Found key in front right zip pocket.


Sample 2:

1_front 2_back back bottom_holes right_mods side_ammo top_pouch_hole zipper

Used by 4 Recce operator.  Has drain holes cut in the bottom.  Heavily modified by user and unit rigger?

Comparison of Sample 1 and 2:

backs knifesusp left_sect rightsect suspenders zippers

Sample 2 on Egyptian Recce Copy:

egypt_1_front egypt_back

Sample 2 on Portuguese Lizard Jacket:

port_1_front port_back

Sample 1 on SWAPOL/Koevoet Jacket:


32 Battalion Version is an “expansion” of this design.