British Pattern 59 Denison Smock (~1963, 1966 Versions)

Sample 1:

1959denisonoutside1959denisonback (2)denisonwreckedtag   denisoncrownrankpip denisonlowerpocketsnap denisonlowersnaps denisonparawings denisonvelcrolower

Sample 2:

1_front 2_back 3_tag

1966 version of print.  Also called:

  • “Sinai”
  • “Bloody Sunday
  • “Bloodcake”
  • “Banana”
  • “Desert”

Has similar square of white fabric on back of collar as 1963 sample.  This was likely for high visibility at night.  Used in Northern Ireland (“Bllody Sunday”) and Cyprus by Para Regiment.