The Soviet “Lifchik” (Russian for brassiere) chest rigs are clearly based on the original Chinese design which was commonly encountered by the Soviets during their Afghan War.

Sample 1:

Shorter webbing straps at bottom are attachment points for a Poyas B VOG grenade belt (was not found with this item).  East German AKM sling was added to reversibly expand harness length. 

Ends of straps have white material with blue markings:

Tabs are leather:

White fabric reinforcement at tops of pound on inside:

Stamps on back:

Unsure if chest rig is original or reproduction for now (as of April 7, 2019, waiting on positive, cite-able proof of either case).

Sample 2:

Same materials and very similar features as Sample 1, but more wear and tear.

Leather tabs for magazine pouches:

Also has white material on inside lip of pouches.


On back side.


Cloth tabs at bottom are not white with blue markings like Sample 1.