Pattern 44 webbing was an attempt at creating a more lightweight (compared to Pattern 37) load bearing system for tropical climates.  P44 items are made of a softer, lighter material than Pattern 37 webbing and aluminum buckles for additional weight savings.  Pattern 44 gear was intended for use in the Far East after VE day, but since the war ended soon after it was mostly used in tropical conflicts after WW2 such as Kenya (Mau Mau uprising), Malaya, and Borneo (source:  It was widely used in Britain’s colonies and many places with a strong British influence, such as Iraq, used their own derivatives of the system.  Small components such as canteen pouches were used even after Pattern 58 webbing was introduced.  For further information:

Set 1:

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Haversack (Small Pack):

This had a waterproof lining that was cut out, maybe because it made the wearer sweat too much (source:

Large Pack (1966):

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