Sample 1:

1_front2_back seams zimbocomparison

Not exact copy of Rhodesian pattern.  Has parts added and elements relocated to accommodate new parts.  Likely Chinese fabric.  Green over brown print.

Sample 2:

1_front 2_jacket_back

Similar to Rhodesian twill in weight and texture. Green over brown print.

Sample 3:

2_pants_front3_pants_back pants_name

Much coarser fabric than jacket or shirt.  Brown over green print.

Use Photos:

Aside from Zimbabwe, UNITA made use of items in this camo pattern:

MAT02:CONGO REBELS: MATADI, ZAIRE, 17 AUG 98 – Congolese rebels fighting to oust President Lauret Kabila dance during training exercises near the port city of Matadi August 16. The rebels who began their campaign just two weeks ago, continue their advance towards the capital. cd/Photo by Corinne Dufka REUTERS


Original news article about re-adoption of Rhodesian pattern (1995):